Painless Delivery

Painless birth

painless delivery is nothing but a normal delivery without pain. The epidural anesthesia used in this procedure, helps mothers relieve the normal delivery pain and is the most popular method similar to that of a normal delivery procedure except receiving the epidural to ease labor pains. An epidural works as regional anesthesia. When an epidural is injected near the spinal cord in the spinal canal, the anesthetic drug causes a feeling of numbness in the abdominal, genital and pelvic areas. The loss of sensation in these parts blocks those intensifying sensations and prevents the transmission of pain sensations to the brain. Thus, an epidural during the labor ensures the process of childbirth is successful with no pain.

Women can have a normal delivery almost without any pain and will be conscious which enables them to see the process of delivery.

   Advantages and Factor-

  • Pain during labour induces the secretion of stress hormones in the mother that distresses the baby and mother as well. This doesn’t happen in painless deliveries.
  • The duration of the delivery can be significantly decreased.
  • Keeps blood pressure, pulse rate and heartbeat under control.
  • It is easy to perform a c-section if needed in an emergency.
  • Prevents damage of pelvic muscles that may occur during a normal delivery